Joe Biden’s Zero Empathy Campaign

Shutterstock | Evan El-Amin

This week, Joe Biden candidly described his thoughts on a major demographic of the Democratic coalition, castigating their pessimism. From the video:

BIDEN: The younger generation now tells me how tough things are. Give me a break. No, no, I have no empathy for it. Give me a break.

When the former Vice President and long-time Senator was still “considering” joining the race for the White House, he was singing a different tune:

BIDEN: “I have the most progressive record of anybody running … anybody who would run”

It is difficult to see how Biden can be “progressive” while harboring so little empathy. The only explanation is a complete lack of awareness for the problems of the modern economy, which is clearly demonstrated by his healthcare plan.

Nearly every American has been directly hurt by soaring premiums, growing underinsurance and rising deductibles that place a huge burden on families and American businesses. There’s considerable evidence these expenses drag down the entire economy and limit prospects for young people who are forced to square greater expenses with stagnant wages. And the effects are hardly contained to youth; at 17.9% of our GDP, wasteful healthcare spending finds a way to mark most family budgets.

Other leading candidates have committed to a sweeping “Medicare for All” legislation. That promise is a signal to millions of frustrated and dejected American business owners, workers, patients, and families who are in desperate need of relief.

Not Biden. He’s on the campaign trail, out there reminding voters he alone has the audacity to keep things the same. When voters call him out and ask WHY he is so nonchalant about this travesty, his response is to proffer the obvious lie that he just doesn’t have time to explain it.

Still, it’s not hard to interpret where he stands. Biden has been rightfully anointed as the savior of insurance and has no problem accepting contributions from bad actors. If he does make it to the White House, the road will have been paved with funds from private hospitals, Big Pharma, and insurance companies. Biden’s bold plan to distinguish himself in a crowded primary field is to proudly wear the banner of the unaffordable status quo.

He assumes he can get away with the standard post-citizen-united political playbook: promise little to everyday Americans while promising the world to nefarious, well-connected donors.

It’s time for a candidate who is willing to be a champion for American healthcare. Joe Biden isn’t it.