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Business leaders enthusiastically support Elizabeth Warren in ending reliance on insurance company profiteers to finance the healthcare system

Thursday, June 27
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June 27th, 2019
Contact: Dylan Dusseault

Business leaders enthusiastically support Elizabeth Warren in ending reliance on insurance company profiteers to finance the healthcare system

WASHINGTON, DC – Business leaders for Medicare for All were thrilled to see Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) make a serious commitment toward a guaranteed, universal plan to provide healthcare for all Americans. 

“Elizabeth Warren’s call to abolish private insurance was one cheered nationwide by business leaders who recognize that reforming the U.S. healthcare system starts with addressing the way the system is financed,” said Richard Master, chairman of MCS Industries, a major manufacturer and employer in Easton, Pennsylvania, and founder of the Business Initiative for Health Policy. “American workers and companies want to replace the complex and wasteful use of private commercial insurers with a more efficient and easy to use Medicare for All program. 

“There are hundreds of billions of dollars bleeding out of the system, creating unnecessary anxiety for working families and unnecessary work for companies to administer. Let’s expand and improve Medicare and establish a simple and less costly payroll deduction that all American employers and workers can share. It’s good to see leading presidential candidates saying the same.”

Business Initiative for Health Policy President Wendell Potter, a former Cigna executive, added:

“Republicans immediately dubbed Senator Warren’s call Wednesday night to abolish private insurance ‘radical.’ What’s actually radical is the fact that the United States is the only developed country in the world that uses profit-motivated insurance companies to provide health care to most of its people. This broken system is perpetuated through fear campaigns peddled by America’s insurance companies, campaigns I used to help create.”

“Senator Warren and business leaders are calling out the current system for what it is: broken–by profiteering middlemen. We must challenge the lie that health insurance provided at work is a status quo worth preserving. It’s not. It’s killing American companies and bankrupting workers and their families. We need Medicare for All.” 

That candidates for national office are ready to take on the powerful lobbyists from private insurance, big pharma, and profit-seeking hospitals is an inspiring commitment to our country’s families and small businesses. They deserve relief from soaring premiums, and we are encouraged leading candidates plan to deliver the change we need.


About the Business Initiative for Health Policy

The Business Initiative for Health Policy is a public education and advocacy effort focused on advancing the business and economic rationale for adopting a Medicare for All system in the United States.

BIHP believe the current profit-driven healthcare system poses an existential threat to American business, and that its continuation will threaten profits for business owners, adversely affect innovation and entrepreneurialism, depress wages for millions of working Americans, and hamper international competitiveness, and that a Medicare for All system is the only economically sustainable way to design a universal healthcare system.