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Business Initiative for Health Policy Supports Senate Medicare for All Act of 2019

Wednesday, April 10

For Immediate Release
April 10th, 2019
Contact: Dylan Dusseault

Business Initiative for Health Policy Supports Senate Medicare for All Act of 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Business Initiative for Health Policy (BIHP) is excited to support the introduction of the Medicare for All Act of 2019 from Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). The legislation represents the most comprehensive approach to universal healthcare ever proposed in the US Senate’s history. 

BIHP is proud to join many other influential organizations and over a dozen Senators in backing this legislation, the only solution to our healthcare crisis that meets the needs of our growing economy. Exciting provisions, such as improved coverage for long term care, set this bill apart from its predecessor in the previous Congress.  

“This bill acknowledges reality. If we’re going to get real healthcare reform, we need a system that doesn’t include commercial insurance.” said Wendell Potter, President of BIHP. “Profits for a few shareholders should not supercede our patients and our citizens. Medicare for All is a necessary course correction to avoid the dead-end healthcare status quo.”

“The Medicare for All Act represents the most comprehensive and effective system for cost control and universal coverage ever presented to the US Senate.” said Richard Master, CEO of MCS Industries and Chairman of BIHP. “Without premiums swallowing so much revenue, businesses can create jobs, raise wages, and focus our efforts on reinvesting in America, rather than lining the pockets of useless middle men.”

As popular support for Medicare for All grows, BIHP sees an encouraging future that is more healthy, more productive, and more prepared to compete in the globalized economy. It’s time to deliver real solutions to the American people.

For follow up or to schedule an interview, please contact Dylan Dusseault at dylan@businessinitiative.org or at 202-559-1992. 


About the Business Initiative for Health Policy

The Business Initiative for Health Policy is a public education and advocacy effort focused on advancing the business and economic rationale for adopting a Medicare for All system in the United States.

BIHP believe the current profit-driven healthcare system poses an existential threat to American business, and that its continuation will threaten profits for business owners, adversely affect innovation and entrepreneurialism, depress wages for millions of working Americans, and hamper international competitiveness, and that a Medicare for All system is the only economically sustainable way to design a universal healthcare system.