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Business Leaders Speak Out Against Executive Order on Healthcare

Wednesday, October 18

October 18th, 2017
Contact: Dylan Dusseault

Business Leaders Speak Out Against Executive Order on Healthcare

“When we most need a comprehensive approach to reform, what we are getting is a ‘take the money and run’ strategy from the White House.”

Washington, DC – The Business Initiative for Health Policy, a group of business leaders focused on progressing healthcare in America, has spoken out against the President’s recent executive order, which allies have explicitly admitted was designed to make the Affordable Care Act untenable. Congress has failed to pass a so-called “repeal and replace” plan on multiple occasions, but the Administration has gone down a reckless path to undermine the ACA by minimizing participation in open-enrollment, and ending subsidy payments intended to keep premiums low.

This would make insurance premiums completely unaffordable, and would restrict citizens’ access to quality care. Members of Congress have scrambled to come to an agreement that might keep these payments flowing for two years, but this administration’s policy of intentionally destroying the existing system has put the lives of Americans in danger. BIHP believes that if the President is serious about fixing healthcare, he can not use the health and security of millions of patients as a bargaining chip.

Members of BIHP, business leaders who are focused on making substantive reforms to progress the American healthcare system, made their feelings about the Administration’s policy clear.

“Congress and the American people rejected alterations to the ACA which would have left millions of working families uninsured. Now, Donald Trump is trying to do the damage unilaterally. The result will be nothing but personal suffering and uncompensated care that will reverberate through the healthcare sector as providers go unpaid and costs go up. When we most need a comprehensive approach to reform, what we are getting is a ‘take the money and run’ strategy from the White House,” said Richard Master, founder of BIHP and CEO of MCS Industries.

“In these actions, the Administration continues to try to subvert the intent of Congress. Worse, it subverts the health of the American people”  said Dr. Gerald Friedman, a Professor of Economics and Program Director at the University of Massachusetts Amherst who frequently advises the initiative.

“Further proof that Trump is willing to sacrifice people’s health and even lives for politics. Just disgusting.” said Charlie Simmons, a 42 year veteran of Silicon Valley and a member of BIHP

“This will result in millions of Americans losing their savings and finding themselves unable to participate in the economy.  Beyond the obvious evil behind trapping millions of our fellow Americans in poverty, this will hurt all of the small and mid-sized businesses that depend on their consumers and employees, and could end the economic growth we have been enjoying for nearly a decade.” said Morris Pearl, a member of BIHP and the Chairman of the Patriotic Millionaires.


About the Business Initiative for Health Policy

The Business Initiative for Health Policy (BIHP) is a public education and advocacy campaign led by CEO’s, presidents, and other business executives and advised by health care industry insiders and health policy experts. The goal of the Business Initiative is to advance health policy solutions that 1) ensure the on-going competitiveness of American business, 2) enhance economic growth and 3) provide full coverage for American citizens. Members of the Business Initiative for Health Policy believe that a healthy citizenry is a prerequisite to a stable and prosperous nation, and that the current structure of the health care and health insurance industry is damaging American businesses and the economy.