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Business Leaders Support Medicare Negotiation and Competitive Licensing Act

Members of BIHP applauded the bill for its unique enforcement power, which will enable Medicare to reign in the monopoly power of large pharmaceutical companies.

Business Leaders Support Medicare for All Caucus

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 19th, 2018 Contact: Dylan Dusseault 727-743-7809 Business Leaders Applaud Medicare for All Caucus The Business Initiative for Health Policy (BIHP), a group of business owners, economists, former industry insiders, and health policy experts, expressed support for the announcement of the first ever Congressional Medicare for All Caucus. The caucus, which will be chaired by Representatives Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), Keith … Continue reading Business Leaders Support Medicare for All Caucus »

Business Initiative for Health Policy (BIHP): Trump’s Drug Pricing Plan a Dud

“A patchwork of private corporations like insurance companies and PBMs do not have the same power or incentive to negotiate on behalf of the American people as Medicare.”

Business Initiative for Health Policy: Blaming Trump for Healthcare Costs Isn’t Enough

If we want a system that has universal coverage, is fiscally sustainable, and can withstand the political whims of the White House, we need Medicare for All”.

Business Initiative for Health Policy: Medicare Part E is close, but not far enough

While we laud any efforts by Congress to insure more Americans, Medicare for All is the only fiscally sustainable way to achieve universal health care.

Business Initiative for Health Policy Hosts Premier of “Big Money Agenda: Democracy on the Brink”

This is the third film from Executive Producer Richard Master, who is the founder of BIHP and previously produced “Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point” and “Big Pharma: Market Failure”.

By Lorie Shaull

Business Initiative for Health Policy Applauds Rep. Ellison as new lead sponsor of HR 676

“If you even take a cursory glance at accelerating health care price inflation, rising cost sharing for the sick and disabled, and falling life expectancy, it is clearly time for a new approach to financing America’s health care system.

Business Initiative for Health Policy Announces Board of Advisors

These business leaders, policy experts, medical professionals, and activists have all interacted extensively with different sectors of the healthcare industry, and bring a wide array of experience and perspectives to the table.

Business Initiative for Health Policy Condemns Alex Azar’s Confirmation as HHS Secretary

“By nominating Alex Azar, Donald Trump is breaking his campaign promise. By confirming him, the Senate is failing their constituents who desperately need affordable prescription drugs.”

Business Leaders Rip Healthcare Cuts in Senate Budget

“This budget proposal targets the most vulnerable people in our society and would devastate the American healthcare system”